(9:1) HF Balun, 160M–6M, 1KW SSB


Designed for the harshest Military and Civilian Environments’.

The Wild Wire Hybrid Balun, is a unique end-fed balun insulator, with a stainless steel Halyard hoist, located at one end to provide a convenient attachment point for Slopers’. Additionally, a combination stainless shackle, and brass-stud, affords both a heavy-duty strain-relief, and solid electrical connection. This combination provides a reliable and secure joining of the antenna wire. Input is a SO-239 coax connector. 

The Wild Wire Hybrid Balun system is the perfect product for those hams who like to build their own antennas. The 9:1 (50 ohm to 450 ohm) balun is contained in a compact rugged enclosure. Ideal for sloper’s, end-fed wire and random wire antennas. 


For convenience, all that is needed to complete your antenna project, is to add the wire/coil, according to your specific frequency or band(s). 

This is an exceptional design, made with quality materials and over engineered to provide many years of trouble free service.  

This antenna system is ruggedly built, and weather-resistant/proof for use in permanent installations as well as portable.

All hardware used in this product is brass/bronze & stainless steel. This kit is the ideal solution for constructing wire antenna configurations to meet your specific desires. 


Input ohms: 50Ω

Output ohms: 450Ω

Balun frequency Range: 1.8-60 MHz

Power Rating: >1KW PEP

Transformer Topology: 9:1 Broadband Ferrite, wound w/10gauge wire.

Hardware Type: Stainless/Brass & Bronze

Balun Insulator assembly Weight: 2 lbs.

Antenna Compatibility: Sloper, End Fed Wire, random wire. Great for limited space requirements.

What is included in the system Kit?

  • (1) Wild Wire 9:1 Hybrid Balun w/hardware.

  • (1) Camo go bag.

  • (2) Dog-Bone end insulators

  • All hardware and parts necessary to assemble a complete random wire antenna.

Does not include wire, coil(s) or rope. See accessories and options for purchasing these items.

We are committed to improving all of our products. So specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice.

All dipole and EFWA kits come with comprehensive instructions to assist in creating the perfect antenna configuration.