For indoor use only.

Input: 120Vac, 60Hz, 10W.
Output: 12.5Vdc, 410mA.
6' cord with coax power plug, 2.5mm center positive.

UL listed/CLASS 2 - PLUG IN These power supplies are UL-listed E81356.

Measurements: 3.2 inch high x 2.3 inch wide x 2 inches deep. This is slightly larger than similar products of lesser efficiency, as higher-grade core materials are needed to meet the requirements for a reliable power source.

Enclosed in an attractive plug in black plastic case. Wall plug-in transformers, also known as AC adapters, wall bumps, power cubes, wall adapters, and wall warts. These versatile power modules come in the form of small plastic boxes that plug directly into wall sockets.

A 10-year warranty is also included. These supplies are ideal for powering many of our products; and much more.