Precise ultra-fast, Dynamic Peak Reading Instruments 

This is the only product on the market that integrates a powerful antenna analyzer and instrument  grade peak reading watt meter in a single instrument. 

This product combines a high-performance directional coupler, and ultra-fast peak reading  detector; with an optional, powerful antenna analyzer. A standard RigExpert AA-30 analyzer, embedded in the watt meter; the analyzer works seamlessly with the open source AntScope  software. 

The W-2K series watt meter(s), contains everything necessary to connect to a PC through the USB  port; to perform all the usual antenna measurements. The AntScope2 software supports Windows  PC & Mac. An optional version/application works with Android phones.  


Analyzer specifications: 

Frequency range: 0.06 to 30 MHz 

Frequency entry: 1 Hz resolution 

Measurement for 25, 50, 75 and 100-Ohm systems. 

SWR measurement range: 1 to 100 in numerical mode. 

R and X range: 0…10000, -10000…10000 in numerical mode. 

Output power: +13 dBm (at 50 Ohm load). 

Power: Internal 5V • Current consumption (max) 150 mA. 

Operating temperature 0…40 °C (32…104 °F) 

Watt meter specifications: 

Frequency range: 1.0 to 60 MHz 

Meter: Forward power range: 20W/200W/2KW & 30W/120W/1.2KW Reflected power: 0-30W • Peak/Average meter function. Ultra-fast, peak sample and variable hold/hang-time instrument. 

• The detached directional coupler, is remoted via the provided 3’ CAT5 shielded sensor  cable; optional longer cables available. 

• A safety lockout feature, prevents the analyzer from being damaged while transmitting. • The W-2KW is a rugged, military grade multi-function watt meter, intended for fixed, portable  & mobile/marine HF communications requirements. 

• The W-2KW is a multipurpose, RF power and SWR meter, utilizing remote directional  coupler(s). Two remote sensors can be attached (HF & VHF). 

• Optional sensors with different power and frequency ranges are available. The sensors use  standard CAT5 shielded cables, with optional lengths. 

Amplifier Key-line Controller & SWR Alarm 

• The W-2KW is able to generate an alarm at high SWR’s. Additionally, it provides a fully isolated amplifier keying feature that will cause the amp’s key-line to be broken, preventing  potential damage to the equipment. The Tactical Radio Gear, Corp., Watt Meters, eliminates  the speculation of RF power and SWR measurements.  

• Designed to military standards, the W-2KW, meets the needs for a rugged, accurate, and  reliable RF power monitor for HF radios and antenna systems. 


• The Tactical Radio Gear, Corp., Watt Meter(s) provide the essential information to monitor  transceiver & amplifier performance. With three power ranges (20W/200W/2000W), the W 2KW can satisfy both low and high-power operations; with Precise ultra-fast, Dynamic Peak  Reading Instrumentation. 

Directional Coupler Remote Sensors. The RF sensor(s) can be located near the radio/amplifier  output, to ease the difficulty of the larger size of coax force on the equipment! Up to two sensors can be attached to the W-2K series watt meter(s); to monitor different power ranges and frequencies. The sensors all use standard CAT5 shielded cables. 

The W-2KW measures and displays both SWR, forward power up to 2,000 watts, and reflected  power simultaneously, on a dual movement meter. The backlit meter can display average or peak  power readings, with a peak/hold hang-time feature. Accuracy of the readings is guaranteed with  the CAT5 shielded cable, from the remote directional coupler.  

Active Dynamic Peak Reading Instrument, is one of a new generation of watt meter(s) designs from Tactical Radio Gear, Corp., that are unique to the marketplace. All of these features are  integrated into the W-2K series of Watt Meters, with an adjustable three-second peak/hang-time  display feature.  

All Tactical Radio Gear Corp enclosures are fabricated from 1/8” (0.125”) aluminum and treated  with a gold Alodine finish prior to painting. Optional color: DuraCoat, firearm, flat Tactical Desert  Beige & Tangodown Dark Earth for military. Standard color: is DuraCoat three tone Collins gray. 

Back Panel 

2.1mm connector for the supplied 12 VDC power supply.  

Power on/off switch. 

CAT5 Connector(s) and sensor selector switch. 

RCA connectors for key-line. 

SWR alarm selector switch. 

USB connector for AA.30 analyzer. 

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice 

If you have any difficulty, our technical support via telephone and the Internet will help get your  watt meter up and running fast.