The TANGO MOUNT, is the first portable antenna mounting method, expressly designed for portable set-ups. This is a robust product, intended to support considerable antenna loads.


The TANG MOUNT is perfect for use in portable installations. Quick, easy to install, and remove. The TANGO MOUNT allows the user to mount their antenna, to practically any flat surface.


This innovative product is fabricated from an enormous 6061 aluminum extrusion. With its 2 inch wide lip, it is designed to clamp on surfaces up to 3-1/2” thick. 


All the vital hardware is brass. The grounding lug is ¼-20” brass, creating a low-resistance path from the coax-connector to the ground-lug.  All the other hardware is stainless. The TANGO MOUNT comes with a 3/8-24" Stud Mount for the antenna.


The versatile TANGO ONE can facilitate the toughest mounting challenges. Get the convenience, and flexibility needed for portable operations.


When considering a portable antenna mounting system, think about teaming up with the TACTICAL RADIO GEAR, TANGO MOUNT.