The SPEC-OP universal field mount, is the first portable antenna mounting technique, expressly designed to accommodate U-Bolt mounting systems down to 1” I.D. This is a stout product, intended to support multiple antenna loads. The 8” mounting tube can be substituted with our 3/8-24 antenna mounting kit, to function exactly like the TANGO mount.


The SPEC-OP mount is ideal for use in portable applications, for supporting important antenna accessories, such as the SCOUT 921 (9:1) wire balun shown in the pictures.


Quick & easy to install, the SPEC-OP base, permits the user to mount their antenna, on practically any flat surface. In addition to flat surfaces, an optional adapter allows the SPEC-OP to mount on round/tubular type structures such as fences and railings.


This innovative product is fabricated from a heavy-duty 6061 aluminum extrusion. With its 2 inch wide lip, it is designed to clamp on surfaces up to 3 inches thick. 


Grounding is through a ¼-20” brass stud, creating a low-resistance path from the coax-connector to the ground-lug.  All the vital hardware is brass; while all other hardware is stainless. The SPEC-OP mount comes with an 8 inch long x 1 inch OD 6061 (.250 wall) removable aluminum tube. 


Get the convenience, and flexibility needed for portable operations. The versatile SPEC-OP mount can facilitate the toughest mounting challenges. 

When considering a portable antenna mounting system, think about teaming up with the TACTICAL RADIO GEAR, SPEC-OP mount.