The DTC-4, is ideal for rotating, and fine-tuning capacitors, roller inductors; and is the perfect  positioning device, for both Amateur, commercial amplifiers, and tuners; to include sub-systems requiring precision positioning of its components. 

The DTC-4 is an affordable, precision turns counter, suitable for many types of applications, to accurately position virtually any mechanical device. 

The DTC-4, is a precision, commercial grade, digital turns counter. Made in the USA, using the highest quality components, and materials. The DTC-4 is designed, using dual brass-bushings, to support the main tuning shaft.  Accurate, highly stable display of the components position.

 Mounting: The DTC-4 is furnished with a precision, 1/4"-1/4" double female, shaft coupler for connection to capacitors, variable inductors; or multi-turn pots with 1/4" inch shafts.  Easy installation with detailed instructions, and cut-out template for mounting.

  • Power requirements: 8-24VDC @ 30mA max current requirements.

  • 4 digit high efficiency (Optional) Beautiful Red/Green/Blue LED display. 

  • The meter retains the display number automatically when powered off.

  • 0.55 inch LED Character height (See display image in picture gallery) 

  • Digital counting range: 0-9999 up/down counter.

  • Positioning: 24 counts per 360 deg. revolution. 

  • Customers can rest/clear the display by pushing the knob.

  • A universal 1/4" shaft coupler, at the rear, for convenient linking to component(s) with standard 1/4" shaft(s).  

  • All necessary mounting hardware; and wiring is provided; to include a 1:1 cut-out template, for  mounting the assembly to a panel. 

Guaranteed satisfaction. Manufactured in the USA to commercial standards; with professional quality.