The EASY-T universal antenna mount is an accessory, which attaches to the Scout rotor output shaft, via a single 3/8-24 bolt. The EASY-T, is purpose designed, to work with all of the popular  antenna elements, such as the Ham Stick, Buddipole, MFJ, Super Antennas, etc.… The EASY-T is weather proof, and suitable for both portable and fixed/permanent installations. In the image, the EASY-T is shown with the Optional ‘Rotating Antenna Arms’. 

The EASY-T is: 6-1/2” wide X 1-1/4” high X 1-5/8” deep. With the Optional ‘Rotating  Antenna Arms’ the system weighs less than a pound. 

Thumb screws hold the waterproof top cover in place. The interior of the plastic T-housing is  open, with access to SCOUT’S output-shaft, for attaching the EASY-T.  

The heavy-duty antenna hubs are tapped for the industry standard, 3/8”-24 thread; and when  mated with the Optional ‘Rotating Antenna Arms’, an unlimited number of possible dipole  antenna configurations can be created.