The DCMP-20A is a unique Multi-Function DC power monitor, which displays four important electrical parameters simultaneously: 

1.     Voltage

2.     Current

3.     Power

4.     Energy


5-Way heavy duty binding posts, with RF bypass capacitors on the input and output connectors.

Anderson Power Pole™ adapter accessory standard.
Ideal for solar, battery monitoring. Additionally portable operations’ for ham radio and emergency power checking for Em-comm. Contained in a rugged RFI proof, die-cast aluminum enclosure. Ideal for both portable and fix power monitoring applications.


  • Voltage Range: 6.5VDC – 100VDC
  • Current Range: 0-20AMPS
  • Power Range: 0-2KW
  • Energy Range: 0-9999KWH
  • Size: 1.2" x 2.3" x 4.3"


Some parameters are programmable, for alarms and data storage such as energy usage, e.g.: 

  • Electrical combo meter measurement function (voltage, current, power, watt hour).
  • Overload alarm function (over power limit the backlit and voltage value flashing).
  • Voltage alarm preset function (can set voltage alarm value).
  • Watt Hour values clear function.
  • Power-off data save function.
  • Large-screen LCD display (display voltage, current, power, watt hour all at the same time).
  • Blue LED Backlit ON/OFF function.
  • Monitor voltage/current of mobile radio or accessories.


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