Coil-loaded, Limited Space, Super Compact, Mono-band Dipole or Inverted V Antenna 

Fully assembled and ready to install; these super compact; fully assembled dipole/inverted V antennas, are the perfect HF antenna for the ham radio operator with a smaller yard! Takes up  less space when used as an inverted-V. 

The EASY-T is a unique dipole with a compact rugged center-T enclosure, and an in-line  choke at the feed-point. A hefty stainless steel Halyard hoist/eye-bolt, located on top of the center T, provides a convenient attachment point for the Service Drop Support Grip, for heavier coax runs. 

Stainless eye bolts provide a heavy-duty strain-relief, for reliable and secure joining of the  antenna wire(s). Input is a SO-239 coax connector. 

This is an exceptional design, made with quality components, and over engineered  to provide many years of trouble free service. This dipole system is ruggedly built, and weather resistant/proof for use in permanent installations, and extreme weather conditions. All hardware  used in this product is brass/bronze & stainless steel. Heavy duty Dog-bone insulators for each end  are built-in to the antenna.  


Input ohms: 50Ω 

Coil-loaded dipole 

Power Rating: >3KW PEP 

Hardware Type: Stainless/Brass & Bronze 

Center Insulator assembly Weight: >2 lbs. 

What is included with the antenna? 

(1) EASY-T Center Insulator w/hardware. 


(2) Dog-Bone end insulators. 

(2) Loading coils wound with 12ga. Copper wire.  

(1) Stainless Steel, Service Drop/Support Grip. (Select Coax type/size). 

(1) Complete antenna wire assembly, with hardware installed.

The Limited Space, Super Compact Mono-band Dipole, is a lumped-constant loaded  antenna that is intended to fit in available space; rather than requiring a full 1/2 wavelength, at a  specific band.  

As long as the length is longer than 0.2 wavelengths, it will work well at any height between  30 and 90 ft. These electrically shortened dipole(s) are similar to trap dipoles, except the "traps"  are coils only! The performance of most any antenna depends upon many factors, not the least of  which is its design; but the overall performance correspondingly depends upon construction  consistency, location, height, orientation, terrain, surrounding objects, etc.  

Some antenna adjustment and pruning to compensate for these variable circumstances is  almost always required. Reduce the available space by 6" to 12" on each end to allow for securing  the dipole to its supports. For maximum efficiency, the antenna should be as long as possible,  consistent with available space. Shorter lengths will work, but will be less efficient.  

Additionally, Duplex Wire Rope Clips allow the antenna wire to be tuned for optimal SWR  on the frequency of interest. No trimming required! Simply slip the wire through the clip(s) and  tighten the hardware when tuning is complete. 

For greatest effectiveness, the largest inductor practical for the band(s) is used, e.g. for an acceptable Q we choose a coil whose length does not exceed twice its diameter. 

Limited Space Super Compact Mono Band Dipoles (Select) 

160M-170’ ($190) 

80M-85’ ($175) 

40M-45’ ($150) 

20M-23’ ($130) 

All dipole and EFWA kits come with comprehensive instructions to assist in creating the  perfect antenna configuration. 

We are committed to improving all of our products. So specifications and descriptions are subject  to change without notice.