HF Single Band Bandpass Filters
                                                       BPF-100 Economical 100W Band Pass Filters
                            Amateur Radio, Military HF, Commercial HF, and Marine Communications system
                                                                           Made in the USA
Bandpass filters are essential, in preventing receiver front end damage during multiple HF radio operation. Tactical Radio filters are available for all HF amateur bands, including 6 & 2 meters.
Designed to provide a roll-off outside each Amateur band; these filters bring the benefit of a dramatically lower noise floor; for improved single-band, weak signal reception necessary for contest and Field Day operations; or simply crowded band conditions!
These compact HF Transmit/receive filters, accomplish out-of-band suppression, that effectively eliminates noise and interfering signals. Simply place the filter in-line between transceiver, antenna or an amplifier. Tactical Radio filter are available in 200-watt models, and are are supplied with UHF Female/SO-239 connectors; 'N' connectors are available as an option.
If you are planning a DXpedition, a contest, or simply need the enhanced performance that a bandpass filter can provide, your radio needs these filters.
The Tactical Radio, BPF-200 series filter design, is based on a 3-pole & 5-pole Butterworth filter configuration(s), that maintain a 50 Ohm impedance, with low insertion loss.
These HF Transmit/receive Bandpass Filters are of tremendously high-quality, and precisely designed to limit the RF bandpass to a single Amateur band. Inputs and outputs are at DC ground potential. Hi-Q Silver Mica capacitors and inductors are used in the L/C tuned circuits.
Tactical Radio, Bandpass Filters, when used in combination with multiplexers; known as multi-band transmit combiners. are essential for each multiplexer band in-order to provide the additional isolation necessary to allow the operation of multiple transceivers?.
All transceivers in a particular situation, can operate in chorus, unhindered by the signals from radios operating on the other bands - or even on the same antenna.



Hi VSWR will generate damaging RF voltages, and currents in a bandpass filter. VSWR is a reality that we have to be attentive to; and Tactical radio gear, has made every effort, to protect the filter components from these potentially damaging forces. These designs are highly over-engineered, with vigilant consideration to component selection. No expense was spared to insure the reliability and performance of our filters.
The weak-link in most Bandpass filters; at these power levels, in a high VSWR condition, are the capacitors?. Tactical radio, uses High-Frequency, High-Power, High-Voltage, Silver Mica capacitors; ideal for use where multilayer ceramic caps aren't recommended because of cracking.
The natural mica dielectric retains its extremely high-Q to many megahertz; and is free from thermal cracking. Silver Mica capacitors are Ideal for tuned L/C Circuits & High RF current - dV/dt 20,000 V/uS.
Unlike NPO ceramic capacitors, these capacitors are rock stable - no change with time, V & f and a temperature Range of -55 ºC to +125 ºC. Individual capacitance Tolerance: ±5% @ 500 Vdc.
All the inductors in our filters are wound with the largest possible gauge wire, consistent with sensible design practices. Depending on the BPF model-100/200, and the band, the toroid cores when used, are selected for the largest gauge wire, and minimum turns, to minimize IR losses/heating.
Notwithstanding the robust design, operator(s) should endeavor to maintain a minimum VSWR when using these filters. Tactical Radio, BPF-200 model filters are designed for use with 200W PEP transceivers. These filter(s) are rated for a100% duty cycle.


BPF-200 - (select Band from list)

SKU: BPF-200
  • Tactical Radio, filters are the most cost-effective single band filters on the market. The cutting-edge advantages, that these exceptional filters can provide, in-order to remove image, and intrusive harmonic problems for mono-band, multi-radio contest settings cannot be overstated.
    Additionally, Tactical Radio filters are essential for use with transmit multiplexers, as these filters will augment the separation needed to tolerate multiple radios on different bands at the same time - on the same antenna.


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