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The UAKI, Soft-Key amplifier interface, connects between your transceiver/transmitter and Amplifier.

This unique product will safely key any amplifier. Without one, you potentially run the risk of damaging your transceiver.


Many newer radios cannot safely key older amplifiers.

The UAKI is a High-quality compact module, which will interface any radio with any amplifier.

  • The UAKI, incorporates both fuse and reverse polarity protection, to safeguard the system.

  • The Universal Keying Interface (UAKI), is a compact, state of the art, all solid-state interface-module, which permits all amplifiers - especially older models with high voltage keying relays, to be safely connected to any transceiver!

  • Optically isolated from the dual power MOSFET(s) keying circuit; the UAKI, is rated at 2.5 amps, and can handle up to 500Volts AC or DC; negative or positive. 

  • The power required to operate the UAKI can be powered with either AC or DC; 6-18 volts. The circuit is powered by a 5 volt regulator; total current demand when keyed is <14Ma.

  • Inexpensive and simple to use, the UAKI, is the perfect way to key your amplifier; while providing safety, and protection for your transceiver.

  • The UAKI module, provides a "Soft Keying” safeguard, to prevent damage to newer transceivers, which cannot safely ground high-voltage/high-current antenna-changeover relays. Additionally, transceivers and amplifiers that are QSK capable; full CW break-in is no-longer an issue, with the use of a UAKI! This capability not only makes the UAKI, perfect for keying older amplifiers, but this super-fast keying module, is also a perfect interface for newer amplifiers. 

  • Keying input, from the transceiver requires less than <14mA when keyed. Most transceivers can be connected to the UAKI, from their ACC connector.

  • Transceiver/Amplifier RCA jacks in and out (RCA: RCA) (2) Interface Cable(s) Included. 

  • 18” DC Power Cable included.

  •  Width: 1.00 in.  Height: 1.00 in.  Depth: 3.250 in.  (Dimension does not include RCA jacks).


When connecting a transceiver to your Amplifier,

there may be a switching voltage issue in addition to Polarity, and current incompatibility! 

This situation can potentially cause damage to your radio if an UKAI interface is not used between them.

Even if it appears to be functional, it is prudent to have the additional isolation with the UAKI to safely key any amplifier.

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