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The Tactical Radio Gear, (Bias-T) combination, permits the insertion and extraction of DC voltage, up to 1.5A @ 36v amps on coax.


Note: Higher current and frequency ratings are available. (See CONTRACT WORK)


Inserting a control voltage on the coax cable, eliminates the necessity for external wires, necessary
for powering and controlling remote devices, such as Mast Head pre-amps, Band Pass filters, remote
antenna switching, ET AL.

The design has been optimized to cover 1.8MHz to 54MHz frequency range, with the lowest possible
loss. The Injector incorporates an internal fuse, and reverse polarity protection, to safeguard the
system. Note: Higher frequency ratings are available. (See CONTRACT WORK).


The Bias-T (Injector) unit resides indoors, for inserting the DC voltage on the coax feed-line; while the (Extractor) is placed at the remote device/Mast Head, etc; Where the DC voltage is extracted.


  • Frequency Range: 1.8 MHz – 54MHz

  • SWR: <1.01:1 across the full frequency range

  • RF Power Handling: >1KW @ 30MHz

  • DC voltage limit: 36 V DC.

  • DC current capability: 1.5A.

  • DC Interface: (Injector)  2.1mm x 6ft. cable provided.

  • DC Interface: (Extractor) 2.1mm x 6ft. cable  provided.  

  • RF Interfaces: SO-239 connectors (RF, RF+DC) (Optional ‘N’ connector available.)

  • Dimensions: H-1.0” x W-1.0” x L-2.0” Length does not include the RF connectors.

  • A high quality extruded aluminum case is used in the design for both the Injector and Extractor.

please download our instruction sheet
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