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  • Insertion: Typical, <0.5

  • Rejection: Typical, >40db band-to-band

  • Power Handling: 200W

  • Impedance (ohms): 50

  • Termination VSWR: <1.04

  • RF Connector Type: UHF female, SO-239 or N - connector. Others type(s) available on request.

  • Enclosure: Extruded aluminum

  • Weight (in): 1.000 in.

  • Width (in): 1.000 in.

  • Depth (in): 2.000 in.

  • Ship Weight: <1-lb.

Hi VSWR will generate damaging RF voltages, and currents in a bandpass filter. VSWR is a reality that we have to be attentive to. Tactical radio gear, has made every effort, to protect the filter components from these potentially damaging forces.

These filters are over-engineered, with vigilant consideration to component selection. No expense
was spared to insure the reliability and performance of our filters.

Tactical Radio Gear, BPF-200 model filters, are designed for use with 100W/200W PEP transceivers.
Note: The BPF-200 filter(s) can be operated @ a 100% duty cycle. SSB speech (50% duty), CW average power is roughly equivalent to speech.

Notwithstanding the robust design, operator(s) should endeavor to maintain a minimum VSWR when
using these filters.
CAUTION: The BPF-200 is designed to be connected, between the radio-output and amplifier input. If the filter is installed on the output of an amplifier, it will be destroyed almost instantly!
DO NOT use a transceiver Auto Tuner into any bandpass filter, the risk of high current and/or high-voltage may damage the filter.
CAUTION: Do not transmit with the BPF-200 in-line, on any band, other than the one that is listed on
the BPF-200! This can potentially damage both the radio and the filter!

Consider using our PROTEKTOR Band Pass filter By-Pass product, in-order to conveniently switch the filter out of line, without having to disconnect coax cables and filters. See filter products for additional information.

The BPF-200 is available with a combined By-Pass feature, see our WHATS NEW button for more details.
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