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Fully Assembled High Voltage Power Supply PCB

Fully Assembled and Tested


The Tactical Radio Gear, Universal H.V. power supply PCB, is intended for amateur/commercial radio amplifiers, requiring up-to 4.5KV plate supply. The design is conservatively rated for 4500 VDC @ >2A ICS; and contains most everything needed on the PC board.

The Universal H.V. power supply is unique, in that either a Bridge or voltage-doubler configuration can be selected with a jumper. Every feasible protection and safety possibility has been included in the design.


Available as a complete Kit; or a bare PCB.


Dimensions of the board: 6.9 X 7.97 Inches. The height above the PCB is determined by the capacitor used, (2.4 inches nominal for the 1000uF caps).

The fully assembled and tested, version comes with 1000uF @ 450v filter capacitors. Ten capacitor positions are provided, each capacitor has provision for its own equalizing resistor.



Assembled Unit Components


  • The assembled Universal H.V. power supply, uses: 10 x 35mm × 60mm capacitors:

      1000uF @ 450vdc. Tolerance: +/-20% Temperature rating 105C.

  •  20 x 1KV @ 10amp diodes, with 600A peak surge (10A10) 5 x per leg.

  •  ¼”- Quick-Disconnect Terminal lugs, provide convenient connections, to make installation and removal of the PCB assembly fast and easy; or solder directly to the board

  • The PCB is a Heavy-Duty 2mm thick FR4 board, with 2 ounce copper on both sides.

  • (5) X 8-32 mounting holes are provided, for insulated Stand-offs, to mount the PCB.

  • A .01uF @ 1KV disc, capacitor is provided for each H.V. diode. These caps suppress the commutation spikes that are generated when the diodes turn on to charge the reservoir capacitor near the peak of the input sine wave. These suppression capacitors are essential for sensitive equipment, like high-performance transceivers, where commutation spikes can infiltrate the whole system?

  • Each diode has a 160K/3W equalizing resistor, for additional spike/surge and glitch protection; common with some types of tubes; and AC Line service(s).  They also provide a bleed-down path.

  • Provisions for meter multiplier resistors, are located at both the B- and B+ ends of the power supply.

  • Multiple accessory (3W) resistor pasterns, are provided on each buss, to allow the user to design their own IP monitoring arrangement & glitch resistor, if mounted on the PCB.

  • Optionally, the builder can determine what value(s) of equalizing resistors are best for their particular circuit arrangement.

  • This supply has two bleed-down paths for safety: (1) The multiplier resistor string and; (2) the equalizing resistor string.

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